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pH Testing Kit

Learn how to measure the acidity level in your mouth. Kit contains 15 feet of pH testing paper for approximately 150 uses and instructions to determine your mouth’s pH level.

“A whole new way to protect our teeth.” We tested our salivary pH after a long training session and found it very acidic. Just a couple of Zellies put us back into the safe zone. It is a whole new way to protect our teeth."

- Athletic Coaches

 Instructions for using pH litmus testing paper

Open the pH litmus testing paper from its foil wrapper and replace the roll in its plastic container and save the color chart for measurements.

Test your natural pH before you eat or drink anything

1. Tear off about an inch of the paper from the roll.
2. Spit some saliva into a spoon.
3. Dip the litmus paper into the liquid.
4. Take note of the color that the paper turns  

Measure your mouth acidity at different times of the day. View a list of risk factors for mouth acidity

Test your xylitol pH

1. Eat a Zellies mint, Zellies chewing gum or granular Xylitol.
2. Let the “juice” bathe your teeth and “swish” it around.
3. Now spit into a spoon.
4. Dip the litmus paper into the liquid.
5. If the testing paper is colored blue or purple it shows that you have a safe and alkaline mouth. At this pH level your teeth will be hardening and harmful bacteria will be reduced.

Xylitol is extracted from natural fruit and vegetable fibers. Zellies gum, mints or granular xylitol should instantly make your mouth alkaline. The more acidic your mouth, the more xylitol you will need.


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